Frequently Asked Questions

A website for parents to socialize, search, evaluate, and seek opinion on kids related stuff, such as doctors, schools, babysitters and so on.
Parentsklub helps parents build a network of family and friends who interact with vendors by rating them. The rating is then converted to trust level and assigned to each vendor.
Parentsklub works on the premise that your friends are like you and their opinions and tastes might be similar to you. Trust level is calculated by taking into consideration the ratings and degree of connection by people in the userís network.
Trust level is calculated based on various factors, such as degree of connection, weighted average, and time when a vendor was rated.Regular rating is calculated by taking an average of all the ratings received.
Any parentsKlub user can create an article and submit it for approval. Once approved, the article appears on the Read page. Based on the past history of your article submissions, likes, comments etc, we promote individuals to contributors or opinion leaders. An opinion leader's article does not require any moderation and can be directly approved.
Go to Home > Find a Friend > Type in the friend's name > A list of friends appear > Click Add.
In addition, we encourage you to invite your friends to Parentsklub. This can be done by the following
Menu > Click the dropdown next to your picture > Invite Friends
Add a friend to include the person in your network. A friend's ratings impact the trust level of the vendors when you search for vendors. Follow a person when you simply want to view their posts but do not intend to include them in your network.
As the leading platform for parents, Parentsklub endeavors to bring you information on events happening in your city. We collect information on events and present to you in an easy to access manner. In future, with your permission, we will be able to set a reminder on your calendar (Google) to remind you about the event.
In ParentsKlub, vendors are those who list their items or services on the ParentsKlub platform. For example, schools, doctors, babysitters, tuition teachers, and other service providers.